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This website is focused to product developed in TTC TELSYS, a.s. LoneWorker is a part od ThouchGuard application, which is mainly used by security agencies and facility companies in 8 European countries.

For whom is the system for?

In places and professions where there is an increased risk of injury and where workers are mostly alone, it is useful (and sometimes necessary) to use a system that monitors the movement of such workers. This is not primarily about traditional GPS localization (although it can also be set), but rather about monitoring worker’s position. Worker is equipped with a (tough) phone that is able to automatically detect that something is wrong.

How does it works?

To detect the status of the person is only smart phone with Android operating system needed. The application works on almost all common types of phones. However, we recommend the use of instruments with a quality accelerometer (usually the unit from the middle and upper classes) or rugged phones. Because of smartphone using we know about its wearer a lots of information. Whether it moves, what position is, where it is and so on. These data are continuously processed and evaluated. If it detects an unexpected situation, the phone sends a message to a central control room where the event was further processed (notification of competent persons convening the rescue team etc.).

State detection

To determine at what stage the worker is detecting use several methods, where each represents a different way of events.


If the system is in “active” and the unit will doubt (walking, etc.), occurs after a specified time to an alarm for inactivity

Free fall

In the case of a person falling from a height of two meters (or more), occurs due to detection using an accelerometer to an alarm

 Person position

In case of loss of consciousness or injury to persons monitored phone detects a change in position. Detection parameters are adjustable.

Heart rate monitoring Comming soon!

Complementing the phone by bracelet, which continuously monitors the heartbeat detection significantly reduces collateral heartbeat.


In principle, we are diving the localising into indoor (inside buildings) and outdoor (outside). For each environment uses a completely different technology.

Outside (GPS)

We use outside the buildings GPS localization, because it is possible on the open areas to determine the position with an accuracy of meter units


It is much more complicated, but no less important to determine the location of people inside the building. For this you can use the transmitter to be deployed around the building and through which you can determine the position of the person (phone) with accuracy to room, floor or section. It depends on the density of coverage signals from transmitters. They are powered by batteries with a life span of several years. It is therefore a relatively mobile technology, which can be transferred elsewhere as needed.


Data transfer

As a main communication channel is used mobile data connection, which is the main communication channel between mobile device and central server. On the server are data processed by dispatchers, which are able to solve the situation.

Push to talk

Communication service that replaces the radio. Communication takes place via the data channel and offers similar features, such as walkie-talkies (group calls, etc.), but using a mobile phone.

Voice and SMS

In case of unavailability of the data channel uses voice and SMS as a backup communication channels.

Recommended devices

As mentioned above, you can use almost any phone with Android operating system. But we recommend to use one that has a high accelerometer and GPS receiver. This ensures greater system reliability and lower the number of false alarms. Because it is a critical application, we recommend using some of rugged devices from our portfolio.

  • Waterproof: 30 min. up to 2 m
  • Impervious to dust and microparticles.
  • Operation range from -20 °C to 60 °C
  • Amplified loudspeaker, powerful LED torch
  • MIL-STD 810G – special protection against falls, vibration, humidity, air pressure and temperature variations
  • GPS, AGPS, g-sensor

Who we are? / Abou us

Company TTC TELSYS, a.s. is independent manufacturer and provider of hign accuracy ICT services. We provide Online patrol system, which is used by security agencies in 8 countries in Europe. Furthermore, mass notification system, which are using emergency services in the Czech Republic.

As the first in the Czech Republic we have an application of this type began to use NFC technology, which is more credible than similar systems using bar codes. We are continually developing additional features and applications based on innovative technologies such as the newly launched network for IoT (Internet of Things).

Another division develops and sells lift cabinet controla panels and electronics for elevators. More information here


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